Sunday, 22 June 2014

New In: Nous Magazine #3: The Renaissance Issue

I think I picked this very nicely printed risograph zine up at Takk the other day. The blurb on their Facebook says:

"NOUS is a Manchester based project dealing with all what lies within but often is covered up. It is about the things we try to hide and should say out loud. NOUS is you, your friends and the stranger in the streets.

We will give young creatives a platform for their inspiring work and also make mind culture and everything that comes with it gain centre stage in our everyday life again."

New In: Some zines by zine-it-yourself!

You might remember that we took the zine library collection to Darlington a few weeks ago. We'll have a more in-depth blog post about that in a week or so, when we've sorted through the photos and things like that.

Mike from zine-it-yourself was kind enough to second weekend of the exhibition at the shop in Darlington doing a really fun looking observational typewriting thing which was very popular, by all accounts. You can read his blog post about it here.

He also posted us some zines that he'd made last year, and here they are! They're in the library right now, so pop in and have a look. There's lots of illustrations and comics and words and things like that in them.

New In: Loads of zines

Here's another big bundle of zines that have been donated to us recently! Thanks so much for sending these in. They're already on the shelves for you to read so pop in and have a look. There hasn't been a count of the collection recently and it'd be interesting to see just how many we have now. 

We're hoping to get the shelving improved a little bit in the near future so when we have to clear the shelves we'll probably have a little count. Maybe we could have some kind of competition?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

New In: Alleged Explanations

Zine to accompany this cassette compilation released by Cheesus Crust Records. Features art and some words about the artists on the compilation.

New In: Recollections

Recollections is the latest zine by The Periodical.

Recollections by Harold Lun, is the first fruit of our collaboration with The Museum of Soho – drawing on material from their archives. This book is a facsimile of letters and photographs in the archive sent by Harold Lun and describing his childhood growing up in Soho during the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

New In: Dirty Work #10

Dirty Work is a zine about music, fashion and art by Mark Wynn. Includes tour diaries, gig reviews and other stuff like that.

New In: Hand Job Literary Zine - Spindles & Ball Screws

The fourth issue of Hand Job is bigger and better, full of revolutionary writings, some that will make you think and others that make you smile. This issue is filled with the usual as well as a comic strip, quiz and crossword!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Salford Zine Library On Tour in Darlington!

We are extremely excited to announce that the library will be heading out on the road this weekend to show off the collection in Darlington, thanks to the super cool Navigator North. We'll be exhibiting in an empty shop on High Row in the town centre this coming weekend and there's going to be a free zine making workshop throughout Saturday. Come along! We'll be working with the locals to put together a zine and then you'll be able to pick up a copy on the Sunday.

The exhibition will stick around for a bit and you'll be able to get in and have a look the weekend after too, and there'll be some kind of activities happening for you to enjoy.

As a result, the zine library at Nexus will be slightly emptier than usual for the next couple of weeks. We're not taking all of the zines with us, but if you're planning a visit you might want to wait until everything's back to normal. Keep an eye on our Twitter to find out when we've got everything back in!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

New In: A Nightingales Lyric Zine

The Nightingales have a new album out called 'For Fuck's Sake' and here's the lovely illustrated zine with all the lyrics from the album in it. All lyrics by Robert Lloyd and the illustrations in the zine are by the drummer Fliss Kitson. You can buy your own copy of it from here.

Come and see it at the zine library soon!

New In: Loads more zines! (Another video)

Here's another video of a big bundle of zines we got from Anne in Japan. You might remember that she's sent us a couple of big piles of zines in the past, but I think this most recent one is our favourite so far. So much good stuff! The video is quite long and quick, so get hovering over the pause button in case you see anything you really like. The zines are in the library now!

Monday, 21 April 2014

New in: Loads of zines! (Video Special)

We have received some big donations from some very kind people recently. We don't really have time to write a blog post about every single one of the zines that we get in these bundles, but we thought it'd be nice to feature them in a quicker way!

Here's some of the zines that we received a couple of weeks ago. Mainly music stuff from the 90s. They'll all be on the shelves within the week, so if there's any that take your fancy, come down to Nexus and have a look!

Thanks Michelle for sending these in!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Call for submissions: The Glastonbury Project

We have been asked to share a call for submissions for the Glastonbury Project. If you are looking for submissions for your zine, we're happy to post something on here and on our Twitter account, so get in touch in the usual way!

"The Glastonbury Project will be a collaborative zine (a self-published book/magazine), distributed free at this year’s festival. The aim is to create a collection of artwork inspired by the festival that doesn’t usually get seen by those who attend, as well as creating something that can be taken away and remembered.

The zine will be curated, produced, distributed and funded by myself (Katherine Mitchell). With access to printing and book making facilities in Leeds, I aim to make the zine as cheaply but as beautifully as possible!

All work featured in the zine will be credited with a link to your website. The deadline is May 25th.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Please spread the word!"

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New In: Derek, I'm Gutted!!! #71

71st issue of the long-running Port Vale fanzine 'Derek, I'm Gutted!!!'. Includes comics, match reports and other bits and bobs.

New In: Sugar Paper #11 and #12

Two issues of Sugar Paper by Seleena Laverne Day and Kandy Diamond that we've had in the library for a while but hadn't been mentioned on here yet. 

Issue 11
"20 things to make and do.
This issue has a circus and seaside theme featuring everything from hula hooping tips to a hula hoop rug, crochet collar to big top circle skirt. Recipes: flavoured popcorn to chips and dips and everything in between. With an awesome cover illustrated by Camille Smithwick."

Issue 12
"20 Things to make and do.
A super duper Halloween special (with some bonfire and Christmas bits thrown in!).
Creepy cross stitch, slime, latex goo legs, crochet eyeball purse, knitted cat flap gloves, raspberry trifle, bonfire toffee and more!!! Front cover illustrated by Paul Gallagher."

New In: Poor Lass #1: The Work Issue

"The Work Issue! 
A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it's really like to be working class.
Issue one focuses on work, from why people work, why people don't work, jobs they've loved, jobs they've hated.
Collected by Em and Seleena who want Poor Lasses to be heard!"

New In: Last Train to Eastleigh #1 and #2

Both issues of the indie-pop fanzine 'Last Train to Eastleigh' arrived ages ago but for some reason I hadn't got around to posting about them. Includes stuff about the Southampton indie-pop scene, reviews of some records and gigs and things like that. All in one A4 sheet of paper!

Monday, 31 March 2014

New In: Adventures in Menstruating Poetry + Comic Special #1

This super special split issue of Adventures in Menstruating by Chella Quint is half poetry, half comic. We managed to pick ourselves a copy of this up at the Leeds Zine Fair where we picked up loads of other zines too. I'll be posting as many of them as possible up on here over the next few days!

Meanwhile, take a look at the Adventures in Menstruating site while you're waiting.

New In: Paper and Ink #1

'Paper and Ink, a literary zine' Issue #1 'Broken Hearts and Broken Bottles'
This debut issue features a collection of two short stories and five poems from six very different writers, all on the theme of heart break. 14 pages, A5 size.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New In: The Chapess #3: The Work Issue

24 page A5 B&W zine with essays and illustrations on juggling jobs, teaching, freelancing, going back to work after having a baby, music, publishing, influence and inspiration. Some of the covers are pink, some are yellow.
Karis Upton
Riese Bernard
Cáit Fahey
Jen Steiner
Grace Hong
Jo Stafford
Molly Davy
Eileen Myles
Cherry Styles
Sophie Cooper
Zara Gardner
Abbi Cudden
Donna Shapiro
You can buy copies of the Chapess at Cherry Styles, one of the co-editors of the zine, is doing an exhibition of her photographic work in Hebden Bridge at the end of March. Details here! There's also a call out for submissions for the next issue of the Chapess that you can look at here.

New In: Feeling Alone #1: A zine about being an inpatient with BPD

"This is a black and white zine I wrote and drew all about my experiences as an inpatient on a psychiatric ward. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder which can lead to severe depressive lows. In the zine I describe what the hospital was like, how it was meeting other inpatients, what the nurses were like, how I felt, and what it was like coming home. I decorated the zine and added my own little drawings on most pages :) I used anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress questionnaires as my background paper.

A5 sized zine with 16 pages in total including a paper cover, all held together with a staple."

New In: Feeling Alone #2: One Year On

"This is a black and white zine I wrote and drew about the year following my inpatient experience (which I wrote about in Feeling Alone #1). I wanted to talk about what I've been doing to try to recover from BPD and this includes therapy but it also includes things like roller derby and learning to drive. I decorated the zine and added my own little drawings.

A5 sized zine with 16 pages in total including a paper cover, all held together with a staple."

New In: We Are Adventurers #1: Amsterdam

"This is a black and white zine I made all about my adventures. I made it in 24 hours, as part of the 24 Hour Zine Thing project. Contents include:
  • All about a recent trip to Amsterdam
  • Seeing Kate Nash
  • Learning to be an Aunty
  • Starting the recovery process after being in a psychiatric hospital
  • Books I have read recently
  • I decorated the zine with my own drawings as well as pictures from Amsterdam, stickers, stamps and other bits and bobs :)
A5 sized zine with 28 pages including a peach coloured paper cover, all held together with two staples."

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yorkshire Zine Weekend

Exciting zines news, everyone! The Yorkshire Zine Weekender is only a week and a bit away and, while all the stalls have been snapped up, we can guarantee that they'll both be well worth visiting. Two zine fairs in two days! Here's the lovely flippable poster for each event:

Tell them and everyone you know that you're going on Facebook
Sadly we won't be at the Sheffield leg of the Yorkshire Zine Weekender, but I think that the Salford Zine Library film that Craig made in 2011 will be getting an airing at some point during the day. So go and check that out!

We'll be at this, although we'll be selling copies of our zine rather than exhibiting the zine library this time. Come and say hi, though! And we'll gladly take any donations for the library that you might have too.

Tell all your friends about the weekender, it's sure to be brilliant. I've just been looking at the list of people who have stalls over the weekend and salivating. I am definitely going to be coming home with a massive bundle of zines. See you there!

New In: Barcelona

A lovely guide to Barcelona, made by Natalie Bradbury of Shrieking Violet fame. We have a small section of travel related zines at the library now so, the next time you go anywhere on holiday, why not make a zine about it and send us a copy?

New In: No Foreign Lands

No Foreign Lands is a collaborative photography zine by friends Hannah Platt and Natasha Whalley. It features photos taken in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, USA and Uganda.

New In: Brindis and Talking Heads by Adrián Martínez

"BRINDIS is a self-published project of the artist Adrián Martínez (Ibiza). The project was born in the summer of 2013. It is a collection of black ink drawings which all of them create stranger situations. The first issue focuses in a mysterious or wild way to draw for creating a story. Each separate drawing constructs a narrative. The second issue Talking Heads is a set of drawings and conversations between two characters. The irony and absurdity are part of BRINDIS."

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New In: Disguised #1

"Disguised #1 is my first Zine.

It's a political fashion Zine and meant to be an alternative to common fashion magazines.

In this first issue I wanted to show what the thoughts behind our daily outfits are and in how far people demonstrate their political thoughts and action within their clothing."

New in: Pop

A zine with pieces about Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Grimes, Rihanna and more by the creator of Disguised Zine. Mostly German text but definitely worth a look! If you don't speak German, bring a dictionary with you.

New in: Hullu

Jessica Gwyneth recently self published her first zine 'Hullu', documenting young creatives through photography in their creative spaces and own artistic environments - some photos of which were recently featured online as part of Ballad Of Magazines' "Brand New Art We Heart".

You can buy copies of the zine by emailing

New In: The Shrieking Violet issue 22

The 22nd issue of The Shrieking Violet by Natalie Bradbury has just landed and this one's a good 'un. Includes loads of really great stuff, like Tom Whyman discussing the legacy of Alan Shearer, David Wilkinson discussing "The Fall, The Blue Orchids and the working class autodidact" and plenty more where that came from. You can read all about it and even read a free online version of the zine at The Shrieking Violet blog.

A quick word with... #1: Joseph Kendrick

In the first of a new series of interviews with zine makers that we're calling 'A quick word with...' (If you have a better title, let us know!), we've asked Joseph, who writes the zine 'Read This Outside', to answer a couple of questions for us. We received a copy of the first Read This Outside yesterday and you can find it at the zine library (Along with loads of other excellent stuff) now! If you want to talk to us about your zine, send us an email to  

What was your motivation for making 'Read This Outside’?
Over the last year, I had been gathering an internet following based around my positive posts and comments. I wanted to create something physical which people you could hold and share. As my first ever publication, I’ve kind of done it backwards as it’s almost an autobiography. I wanted to capture my thoughts and ideas as well as give a shout out to those who influence me.

When are you moving in at Boost House? Can you tell us a little bit about that project?
I am heading off to Boost House for 3 months at the end of February. The concept for the house is the creation of prolific 'internet poet’ Steve Roggenbuck. He is starting up an intentional community of like-minded, 'posi' people to produce uplifting media on a huge range of platforms. Be it physical books, image macros on Tumblr, statuses on Facebook or video on YouTube - it’ll be positive and fun. The house will be all vegan, feminist and LGBTAT* allying as he wants everything to be underpinned with anti-oppression ideals.
More on Boost House at

Do you have any favourite zines?
Max Mitchell, from Sheffield, has put out some awesome stuff. ‘Beyond the Limit’ and ‘Back on the Bins’ are two that stand out for me. He speaks a lot on pushing yourself physically, hardcore music and just living life to the fullest. It’s the sort of stuff I love to read to get me pumped up for getting out there. It’s also great to hear ideas and viewpoints from people as there are always some nuances of life I have never thought about before.

Will there be a 'Read This Outside 2’?
Most definitely. The response to this one has been awesome. I have sold over 200 in 11 days. I really couldn’t ask for more! I feel like there would definitely be demand for a follow up edition. However, some people told me I created too much content and that I won’t have enough to fill the next one but I beg to differ. I am thinking about having some sort of diary or travel journal on my three months in America interlaced with positive nuggets.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New in: Diary of a Teenage Girl Crush

Diary of a Teenage Girl Crush by Seleena Laverne Daye

A zine all about having crushes on celebrities in the 90s!

New In: The Aphrodite of Milos

A photo diary by Hristina Papadopulos

"This booklet consists of collages containing analog photographs that I took during my visit to the beautiful Greek island, Milos. The booklet also contains several pages of old Greek books that I have collected.

Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, was discovered on 8 April 1820 on the island of Milos. Created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, it is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty."

Outside the Box Play Guide

"A 'play guide' to accompany 9 illustrated cubes (not included). The book details ways that the cube can inspire children's games and imagination. The cubes can be downloaded for free here: should be printed, cut out then folded. This is a great game for children that's interactive and can be reused"

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Zines of Wonder

Hello! This Friday marks the beginning of the Zines of Wonder exhibition at Salford Zine Library. Students from Stockport College's BA (Hons) Graphic Arts & Design course have made a whole bunch of nice zines and have worked together to curate an exhibition. You'll be able to see the fruits of their labour throughout February.

Come along to the launch event on Friday tea time, between 5pm and 7pm, and you can chat to the students about their work and you'll even be able to talk to me and Liz if you like. A big draw. All the details can be found over on the Facebook event for the exhibition which you can access by clicking here.

Hope to see you there! If you do pop in, tell us what you think by using the #zinesofwonder hashtag on Twitter. Or just drop us an email or something.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Classification Party

On Saturday we had our classification party, an attempt to sort the collection into a handful of very broad categories. We're re-shelving everything this afternoon so, from tomorrow, it should be ever so slightly easier to find the kind of zines you're interested in. The categories are (Currently - we're open to changing the system!):

- Perzines (Autobiographical zines)
- Arts and crafts, which includes illustration, comics, photography, film, graphic design, fine art - all visual arts, basically
- Activism, which includes LGBT, gender, politics, that kind of thing
- Food and the environment, which includes cooking, veganism, vegetarianism, gardening, eco stuff, fair trade, animals and travel as well
- Creative writing, which includes poetry and short stories
- Sports - all the football and rugby league zines we have
- Music
- Other - as you would expect, most of the zines in the collection don't fit into these categories so the 'other' section is understandably large

These categories aren't perfect or very precise, but we think they'll be a useful guide when browsing the shelves. Obviously we'd encourage you to look at absolutely everything, but we understand if you don't have a spare few days to read every zine in the collection!

Thanks to all the people who came to help us sort the zines into categories. Thanks to Stef Bradley for making the posters and to Cherry Styles for taking some lovely photos of everyone hard at work. Enjoy!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

New in: For the Sake of Magic and Wisdom #1, #2 and #3

For the Sake of Magic and Wisdom is a "collaborative three part zine" with illustrations by Thomas Hedger and writing by Faye Brooks.

New in: Candy Twist #5

"Candy Twist fanzine #5 features interviews with Good Grief, Making Marks, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Shelflife Records, Tunabunny, Without Feathers, The Silhouettes, Dorothy Gambrell, Kill People You Like!, The Flatmates, The Middle Ones, The Very Most, and The Quirky Girl Crafter. Contributions by Kristin Gill (February Records), Andy Hart (A Fog Of Ideas), Jörgen Svennson (Fraction Discs), and Pete Bowers (Horowitz). A round table with Phil Wilson (The June Brides), Jyoti Mishra (White Town), Darren Hayman (Hefner), The Primitives, and Kip Berman (The POBPAH), eight mini-interviews and the usual articles by me complete the latest 96 pages of DIY pop".

New in: A Terror Beyond Falling

A Terror Beyond Falling is an account of "(just about) living with depression, anxiety, Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD), self-harming tendencies, suicidal ideation and a history of alcohol dependence. This includes everything that goes along with this, from day to day living to the various forms of treatment, medication (who needs to be happy when you can be numb) and spells of hospitalisation".

New in: Another big donation!

We recently received another big jiffy bag full of zines from Anne in Japan and they're all safely on the shelves in the library now. We won't detail each one individually, but there's things like Liz Yerby's Moscow Diary, Work in Progress by Gemma Flack and Longview by Maria Forde.

Thanks again for the donations! Are you clearing out your zine collection? We'd love to take them off your hands. Send us an email and we can discuss.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New in: Kids With Puns #2

The second issue of Kids With Puns is here. Features more illustrated puns by Alex Screen, Sean Murphy, Katie Miller, Trevor Thompson, Peter Judson, Martin Grainger, Jaco Haasbroek, Haydn Symons and George McCallum.